Pakistan’s Mohammad Asif and Sultan Mohammad have had a great start in the 2012 Asian Snooker Championship in Doha, Qatar. The cuemen are determined to play according to the expectations of the nation as they spark their cue stick in the opening matches of the championship.

The National Snooker Champion and National Number one, Mohammad Asif from Faisalabad was up against the Palestinian cueman, Khalid Soliman Alastal in the first round.

Asif played outstandingly against him and was able to beat him by the score line of 4-3 with the frame scores of 28-60, 64-19, 43-52, 17-66, 79-32, 90-26, 61-22.

On the other hand, National Number two and the runner up in the 37th National Snooker Championship Mohammad Sultan of Karachi had an easy win over the Sri Lankan potter, Mohamed Munshi by the score line of 4-1 with the frame scores 79-13, 65-25, 42,52, 51-40, 66,24.

Asif has been drawn in the Group A and his opponents in the remaining league matches will be Aditya Mehta (India), Bashar Hussain Abdul Majid (Qatar), Mubarak Al Owais (Kuwait), Karam Fatima (Syria) and Liu Hao Wei (Taiwan).

Sultan has been placed in the Group C and his rivals in the upcoming league fixtures will be Pankaj Advani (India), Ebrahim Aisharrah (Kuwait), Mohsin Khamis Abdul Rahman (Qatar), Rouzi Maimaiti (China) and Malik Jadaullah (Palestine).

A total of 52 cueists divided in eight groups have entered the championship. The Groups A, B, C and D contain seven cueists each, while groups E, F, G and H feature six cueists each.

At the end of the league matches, four cueists from each of the eight groups will be advancing to the knockout stage, starting with the round of 32.