Pakistan in need of a sincere and loyal leader

To build the image of any nation, leadership plays the most crucial role. It leads towards prosperity, peace and progress by showing loyalty to the country and working in the right direction.

On the contrary, a bad leadership can also damage the image of the country by preferring self benefits over the interest of the whole country and nation.

Regrettably, Pakistan does not have that privilege of having a loyal leadership. A leadership which could put the country on the right track of progress and success.

Leaders of Pakistan are deathly busy in devising treacherous methods to gain as much benefits as they can instead of working for the welfare of the state.

Leadership is least concerned for Pakistan as their only concern in their personal interests or benefits.

Leader of any country is supposed to be among the most patriot and loyal persons, but the case is different in Pakistan where leaders do not have any concern for the common people.

Layman is suffering with numerous problems but the government remains indifferent from those problems.

Despite reducing the problems of people, the rulers are increasing their sufferings by putting them burden of unbearable taxes, which are imposed on them because industrialists and feudal do not pay their taxes and are protected by the leaders.

The main reason behind the miserable condition of Pakistan is that industrialists and feudal are governing this country in their own way.

A never ending problem that is haunting the country is corruption and those who are supposed to stop and eliminate it, are generally considered the most corrupt people Pakistani land.

The foreign policy made on the basis of personal gains coupled with the miserable condition of law and order have damaged the credibility and prestige of Pakistan in international community.

Our leaders are even ready to sell this country in order to get Dollars, Euros and Pounds.

Nation cannot become self-dependant and self-sufficient unless its leaders are corrupt and mean. If the leadership becomes loyal to the general masses, the country will grow rapidly.

At the current hour, Pakistan desperately needs a brave and loyal leader who possesses the real qualities of leadership, a man who could lead this country towards prosperity while remaining loyal and patriot.