The ‘Girls Aloud’ singer has blasted the former X-Factor contestant for her attitude and has insisted that the Lloyd will have to learn a lot if she wants to stay in the music industry. She added that Cher’s recent comments regarding her in an interview were disappointing and insisted that the girl will regret that sometime in her career.

Cole stated that Lloyd has a lot to learn. She claimed that Lloyd is young and should respect her mentors because these people have put her in a position she is in today. The former X-Factor judge claimed that she had to go through difficult times to put her on the show and is disappointed with the behaviour.

Cher Lloyd said in an interview that she has doubts over Cheryl Cole’s vocal ability and claimed that the singer cannot sing live. The comments sparked a twitter war between the two and Lloyd had to apologize for what she had said later.

“She’s new. She needs to learn a lot. I went through hell to get her on that programme. Everyone says stuff at the beginning of their career that they will learn to regret. It’s disappointing because I fought for her. Maybe I didn’t teach her as well as I thought I had,” Cole was quoted as saying in an interview.

On the other hand, Cher Lloyd admitted that she was wrong and should not have said what she actually did. She added that her comments were taken in a negative perspective and apologised again.

“I think I really did put my foot in it and now I’ve realised that what I said was wrong, obviously, and I said sorry,” the young singer added.