Surprisingly, the ongoing battle against heavily armed gangsters in Liyari, area of Karachi, entered for the fourth consecutive day, in which over 26 people have been killed while many sustained severe injuries.

In the last three days, dozens including polices officials, Crime Investigation Department (CID) officials and attackers were lost their lives in the targeted operation in the area. Karachi, which is called as business hub of the country, is burning down.

According to the officials, the death toll in the last four days of fierce battle between law enforcement agencies and miscreants has climbed to 26. Media personnel were also sustained injuries in rocket and hand grenade attacks.

The situation remains unstable in the area as attackers are putting up tough resistance by using hand grenades, rockets and sophisticated weapons against law enforcement agencies. Several residents have fled from their homes due to the ongoing wave of violence.

Police and Frontier Constabulary (FC) personnel, however, captured some parts of the area and taken positions on rooftops of tall buildings, as crack down on gangsters continues in the upsetting area.

In today’s incident, unidentified gunmen killed three persons in Sher Shah, area of Karachi, while the angry protesters torched two vehicles in the same area.

According to police, miscreants opened fire at Paracha Chowk in Sher Shah that killed one man on the spot while two others were critically wounded. The injured were shifted to Civil Hospital where they succumbed to thier injuries.

After the killings, protestors set two mini buses on fire while the situation in the area turned tense, causing the business activities to shut.

The armed operation launched by police in coordination with FC against criminal elements on Friday still continues in Liyari where law enforcement agencies have been facing resistance and retaliation from miscreants in the area.

The terrified residents of Liyari claimed that due to the operation, they had been confined to their homes and in the exchange of fire between the police and gangsters, bullets had entered their homes, creating fear and panic among the residents.


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