If you are not aware of who Eskinder Nega is, you are not alone. The said individual is a prominent Ethiopian journalist who covered the developing human rights violations in his native country. Ironically, he is now held in contempt of the same crime he
set off to raise his voice against.

Nega’s trial will start at the end of May and can face the death penalty if found convicted of the supposed crime. Journalism is a precarious business, and you will have to pay with your life if you stand by your ideals and principles.

What maybe the fate of my Nega is not certain, the government can come to their senses or they can follow in the footsteps of their fellows and make him an example for others.

His words may have dropped on deaf ears, however, the Ethiopian standout still has friends in the world community. Nega was honoured for his righteous stance in America, with his wife taking the award.

Serkalem Fasil is also a journalist of the highest order and has served jail sentence alongside her husband. She was in New York to accept his award.