Force India are blaming a number of reliability issues on the second day of the Mugello test.

The team have had a limited run on the second day of the test as Jules Bianchi did 19 laps on Tuesday and found out that the car has technical difficulties. The hydraulics on the car caused Paul di Resta to only complete 14 laps.

Force India has introduced the Mercedes style exhaust system and though the team was not able to get as much data as they were hoping for yet di Resta was able to provide the team with some crucial data before the car had to be garaged for technical repairs.

“We had a few issues today which kept us in the garage and meant that we couldn’t get through much of our programme,” di Resta said. “The guys spent a lot of time changing things on the car just before lunch and I only managed to get back out for a final run at the end of the day. You always want more laps, but these things can happen and hopefully we can have a full day of running tomorrow to get through our programme and learn what we need to learn.”

Chief engineer Jakob Andreasen revealed that the team changed the hydraulics and the engine during the day to prevent any further damage.

He explained that the teams never like to spend a lot of time in the garage and although the engineers looked into a few reliability concerns of the car and hydraulics were suspected to have some trouble there was still some more fixing required.

The team chose to change the engine of the car and it has been a tough day for the engineers but at end of it all it has been a great job. The car is not ready for the final hour of the day and it will give di Resta good enough time to do some vital laps to prepare for tomorrow.

Di Resta is now going to stay on for half of tomorrow’s day because of the loss of track time and Nico Hulkenberg will be taking over in the afternoon.