The West Indies cricketer Chris Gayle, who is famously known for his hard hitting, is currently participating in the Indian Premier League, in which he is playing for Vijay Malaya’s Royal Challengers Bangalore. However, the 6 ft 3.5 in Jamaican giant is now planning to join the Bollywood industry and he fully confident that he will do well in it.

It looked a joke to many out there when Gayle shared the idea with the King of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan not too long ago but now it looks as if Gayle is seriously thinking over joining the Indian filmmaking industry.

“I am going to rock Bollywood and take it away from Salman Khan,” says Chris with a smile, adding, though, that he hasn’t seen a single Bollywood film yet.

When TOI asked the mighty cricketer about his plans he said he did joke about it with SRK but now he is seriously thinking over it.

“Shah Rukh will sort it out for me I am sure.” He adds, “I did joke about it with Shahrukh, but I am seriously looking for a big break in Bollywood next year. I do see myself doing a Bollywood film and even music videos for that matter. Gaylestorm will hit Bollywood soon.”

Chris, who enjoys the beats of Indian music, has previously danced with Shah Rukh Khan on stage but he has not met many B’town heroines as of yet except Preity Zinta and Shlipa Shetty. Nevertheless, the cricketer has revealed that he really likes the Indian beauty.

“I am sure all the heroines would want to meet me, just ask them,” says Chris with a cheeky grin.

Well, all said and done, it seems as if Bollywood has become the favorite destination for everyone. Pakistani artists, Hollywood artists and even porn stars have already joined it and now sportsmen want a piece of it as well.