Socialist, Francois Hollande received around 51.62 percent of the votes in yesterday’s French presidential elections meaning that he is on the verge of becoming France’s next president.

After all the counting finished, results show that Nicolas Sarkozy, the outgoing conservative, scored 48.38 percent.

Upon his arrival at the part headquarters in Paris today, Hollande received a hero’s welcome.

“While power has not been officially handed over, it will come in time,” Hollande told reporters.

Though his supporters are enjoying the victory, the new president should be looking to get down to serious business.

The 67-year-old is set to inherit a French economy that is drowning in massive debt. Hollande wants government spending to increase even though there’s a lot of pressure to trim down the deficit.

Many are waiting for Hollande to fire off some clear signals on how hard he plans to reign in German-led austerity. He intends to travel to Berlin.

Hollande has promised new hope, now the French public will want to see him deliver on his pledge