Metallica lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, James Hetfield, and drummer, Lars Ulrich, have hinted that the band will do another album with producer, Rick Rubin.

After the band’s unpopular album with Lou Reed last year, the Metal giants are looking to get back into the studio to work on to their next album.

Although rumours were rife after the disliked ‘Lulu’ that the American metal band will not work again with producer Rubin, Ulrich has made it clear that they will not be parting ways with the producer.

“Rick is a lot about creating comfort and atmosphere and a vibe, and right now that’s kind of how it’s looking. We haven’t sat down and gone to the next level on direction and practical elements and all that type of stuff. Rick is not a one-trick pony; he
builds a particular ease around whatever your task is, so I think whatever we want to do for this next record, he will help us with that, whatever it may be”, Ulrich stated.

Hetfield revealed that it feels nice to work with Rubin in the studio.

“He’s a different kind of producer. He’s challenging. He’s a very cut-and-dried, to-the-point kind of producer, but he’s also very open, and open to lots of ideas. He does have lots of great ideas of his own as well. But I think that the main thing for us
was getting to the core and essence of Metallica, and that’s the reason we chose to work with him. He gets the best out of artists that have been around for a while, I believe. And he helps you get back to that essence. That’s what we wanted him for”, Hetfield
said in a recent interview.


  1. Metallica would not have a reason to “can” Rick Rubin for “Lulu’s” outcome, because Rubin did not produce Lulu. In fact, Rubin had nothing to do with the collaboration.