Cunning politicians easily deceive innocent people

In any democratic country of the world, politicians are considered to be the true representatives of general masses in every country of the world and they are supposed to resolve the problems that people face in their particular constituencies.

Considering this, the role of politicians holds paramount significance as they are elected by the general masses for the proper solution of their problems.

Nonetheless, in Pakistan, politicians have no concern with common people as they always swindle innocent people by making false promises at the times of elections.

This disapproving situation becomes worst when these politicians disappear immediately after winning their seats in elections and forget the promises they made to the people of their constituencies.

It has become a common trend and the innocent people remain suffering as they find no solution to their problems. Politicians remain indifferent to their problems until the time of next elections comes.

Common people, who have no other choice but to come to their elected representative for the solution of their problems, always receive nothing but false promises and this series continues.

All over the globe, political leaders always pay heed to the problems of people in their particular constituencies and prove their ability to become a true representative.

However, in Pakistan, politicians always remain busy in corruption and show no concern with the issues people are facing.

This grieving situation remains uninterrupted until the next elections come and these politicians again come to the people and pretend that they tried their best but things were not in their control at that time.

If they win their seat in elections again, they will definitely resolve all problems of people.

Innocent people again believe what these corrupt politicians say and support them in elections and again get nothing but deception.

Nevertheless, now people of Pakistan have become well informed by the means of communication and also know who is right and who is wrong.

People also know how to get rid of these deceiving politicians who always give false hopes and always fail to fulfil them.

People have come at the point where they have to decide whether they want to remain in the existing depressed situation or want to support someone who has the ability to change the current wretched situation.