Megadeth front-man, Dave Mustaine, has apologized Metallica’s lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, James Hetfield, regarding his comments to form a supergroup.

Since exiting from Metallica in the early 1980’s, Mustaine had a longstanding dispute with his former band. Both parties seemed to have patched things up recently when they both shared the stage last year.

The turn of events led the Megadeth front-man to reveal that he would love to create a supergroup with his former band member. However, Hetfield recently suggested in an interview that Mustaine has a big mouth.

Following the Metallica’s front-man comments, Mustaine has apologized Hetfield and insisted that he will never mention anything about forming a supergroup.

“I already sent [James] a text message and said I apologized to him for saying that and that I won’t ever mention it again … I guess my whole thing was I just wanted them to know that I loved them and that I missed them and I enjoyed playing with them. If
that’s not mutual, then I understand”

“I still respect him, and I still care about the guy. If he doesn’t wanna play [with me] anymore, that’s cool. If he doesn’t like the idea of what I said, that’s OK, too. It wasn’t like I said it was gonna happen, it was something that I kind of wished would
happen. But you know, it’s OK now, since it doesn’t seem like it’s gonna happen. And you know what?! It’s off my bucket list”

“The thing is that I probably shouldn’t have said stuff like that, ’cause, I guess, to some people, they may think that I’m trying to use that as a way to get publicity, so I can see where there would be some feelings about it, and that wasn’t my intention”,
Mustaine was quoted as saying in a recent interview.