OGRA hoping to explore more oil resources within the country – Pakistan oil and gas news

executive director of Zain-ul-Abidin told the briefing that the panel of annual oil consumption of Pakistan "was more than 20 million barrels, of which 40 percent is processed locally, while 60 percent is imported.
He said that local production was 25 per cent of total
consumption, while the remaining 75 percent of oil imported from the market in the Gulf.

He added that currently more than 6,500 fuel pumps operating in the country.

Ogre Chief Executive Officer
Naseen Jawad said that the government only monitored the oil price, and it has nothing to do with fixing the price of oil after the deregulation of petroleum products last year.

Early Afzal PML-N said that during
the parliamentary panel, and again drew the attention of the Prime Minister condemned to deterioration on restriction, but the prime minister always turned deaf ear to the recommendations of the committee.

Afzal also took the issue of a massive
recruitment of the Sui Northern Gas Pipeline management Limited (SNGPL) and said that the government is filled with employees of the utility PPP ignoring merit.

The Committee expressed its serious concern and dissatisfaction over the progress of restriction and
an emphasis on strengthening the capacity of the regulator.
also noted that the petroleum products in the billions of rupees, allegedly destined for export to Afghanistan is actually never cross the Pakistan-Afghan border and is being sold in Pakistan, Resultantly the country is losing millions of rupees in taxes.

of Petroleum and Natural Resources Secretary Chaudhry Muhammad Izhaz to communicate with reporters after attending the meeting of the parliamentary group said that the government will increase gas prices for all consumers during the summer.

added that the government has not scratched the liquefied natural gas (LNG) project in Qatar, but changed it, adding that Pakistan plans previously directly import LNG from Qatar’s government, but is now considering the possibility of a deal with the private