Russell Brand un-follows Katy Perry on Twitter

When celebrities get divorced, we raise an eyebrow, pass comment and then move on. They do it all the time, that lot; it’s hard to get overexcited. When celebs un-follow each other on Twitter though, that’s when we really sit up and take notice. Hence our
reaction this morning when we noted that Russell Brand had un-followed Katy Perry on Twitter. This is big. It’s huge. It involved logging on to Twitter, searching through his follow list and a click of button.

Katy un-followed Russell back in January, but it’s taken Russell six months since the pair split to formally end it from his end (i.e. delete her on Twitter). Since they split Russell had been linked to numerous women; most of whom do a lot of yoga and Katy
has also been dating. She was most recently linked to Robert Ackroyd, the guitarist for Florence and the Machine. They did some public kissing at the Coachella festival in LA.

Anyone else suddenly thinking that they need to go and check their Twitter following list and ditch a few exes? Want to know what else has been kicking off on Twitter? Read about Professor Green’s latest row here.