Siemens helps government resolve issues in oil and gas sector – News Update

oil and gas stop at POGEE, the international oil and gas exhibition in the Exhibition Centre has attracted great attention from visitors, including customers, politicians, media and oil and gas businesses from across the country and 20 other countries participating
in the activities referred to
in a statement on Wednesday.

Siemens offers a complete stall-end solutions
for oil and gas and other energy sectors, as well as information about health care solutions available in the company, he said.
demonstrated a keen interest in energy solutions, including oil and gas and alternative solutions such as solar, wind and biomass, the statement said, adding that some players on the field and went to Siemens officials stalls for joint ventures.
Earlier, at the inauguration ceremony, Dr. Farooq Sattar, the chief
guest and the Federal Minister for Overseas Pakistanis, visited the stall and asked about the Siemens innovation.
Vice President of Oil and Gas
for Siemens Pakistan, Tahir Alyana, and the head of communications and public affairs Siemens Pakistan, Ziaul Islam Zuberi was the chief guest on his arrival in the stall, said in a statement.
year a record number of 200 companies participated in POGEE, which included names such as Siemens, GE, Eland Cables, agility, MAPNA and the Gulf oil and gas, as well as a large number of Chinese companies, he added.