British Prime Minister David Cameron and President of European Commission have said that Greece should not be ousted of the Euro

British Prime Minister, David Cameron , said on Wednesday, May 16 that the euro area should act quickly to resolve its debt crisis or see a possible dissolution. "The euro zone needs to choose . If the euro zone will continue as
it is, then it must
 construct an appropriate firewall, it must take steps to secure the weakest members of the euro zone, he said in Parliament.

Either it is reconciled, or it goes to a possible disintegration. This choice cannot be delayed long.” This statement comes as Greece attempts to form a new government and save its place in the euro zone.

For his part, the President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso, has warned that the commitments made ??by Greece in return for a second plan cannot be changed, while ensuring that the country wants to maintain its place in the euro zone.

For Mariano Rajoy , ousting of Greece from the euro zone "would be a huge mistake, bad news”. The Spanish Prime Minister has called the European Union to defend the soundness of public accounts of its member countries. "Austerity, yes. growth
too. But I also want
 [to hear] a clear, convincing, proposed  defence of the euro zone and the assertion that the public debt of all European countries is viable, which is the subject of debate right now. "