Born in Selbu (Norway, 1859), where he lived until 1883. Shortly after living in America changed its name, married Mads Sorenson and adopted three children: Jennie, Mirthle and Lucy.

The case of Lady Bluebeard, nickname by which he meets Belle Gunness, is a paradigmatic case of black widow. Killed two husbands and 4 dozen men with whom romantically linked. The attracted by newspaper advertisements.

The couple settled in Chicago. Sorenson died in 1900. It was the beginning of his criminal career. Belle took $ 100 of life insurance and sold the farm where the family lived. He set up a pension which caught fire and claimed the insurance. He had discovered
another business. With part of the insurance money, established a bakery that also had the misfortune to burn …

In 1902, Belle emigrated to Indiana and married another Norwegian. Peter Gunness, who died a year of celebrating the marriage of a blow to the head is struck slipping "accidentally" in a pond. Belle returned to collect the insurance.

He then began his business of attracting suitors who had no intention of getting married and that stripped of the goods they carried with them before killing them. Belle was cautious: he chose men without family, claimed in a letter to each candidate who
was the man of her life and urged him to sell his property and go see it with the money to settle together.

The murdered with an ax or poisoning them, the ripped through his ax and buried on his property. Belle’s first mistake was robbing and murdering Andrew Helgelien, who had a stubborn brother willing to find the truth, Asle Helgelien.

He discovered the truth, but she did not have time to stop it. On April 28, 1908 Belle’s house caught fire. Could not be established with certainty that Belle died in the fire, although he found a corpse of a woman, your dentures, as well as the bodies of
three children. Roy Lamphere, Belle lover and casual employee on the farm, was convicted of the fire.

The house had burned out of jealousy. In prison he confessed that he was complicit in Belle, who committed 42 murders.

On the grounds of the farm, the police searched Asle’s insistence, they found the dismembered body of Andrew Helgelien wrapped in cloth. Under the same conditions found 28 more bodies.