Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan recently landed in the middle of a controversy since he got into an ugly brawl with a guard at the Wankhede Stadium last Wednesday night after the cricket match between Mumbai Indians and Kolkata Knight Riders ended.

SRK, who co-owns KKR with Juhi Chawla and J. Mehta, went onto the pitch with a group of youngsters to play but when the guard, Vikas Balkrishna Dalvi, tried to stop him Khan started a brawl.

Though Dalvi impressed many out there by stopping SRK, he now fears for his life because he knows Khan is one of the most powerful personalities of the country.

The 52-year-old, who was the one man standing between SRK and his entourage, has been sent on ‘temporary leave’ by Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) officials but he has spoken exclusively to MID DAY about the incident.

“It has been extremely chaotic. I have had TV channels knocking at my doors all the time. I fear for my life. These are wealthy, powerful people, who are capable of doing anything to me,” he said.

Khan claimed that Vikas beat his children as a result to which he started a fight. Nevertheless, when Vikas was asked about it he rejected all accusations.

“I watched what Khan said on TV. All I did was walk across to where the children were and blow my whistle. I only put my hand out to prevent them from entering the stadium. Then Khan came up from behind and began hurling abuses at me in English,” he claimed.

Vikas added, “It is our duty to clear the stadium after the match is over. The first thing I saw was a group of children trooping into the premises after the event. I immediately halted them, and told them they could not proceed. Khan and two or three other inebriated men were following close behind and came running up to me. They then began shoving me aside, abusing me. Khan himself reeked of alcohol.”