The X Factor producer and judge faces heavy criticism after he sent an invite to 20 top acts to fast track auditions. It was reported that the TV mogul had offered some of his favoured acts to a secret audition so that they could bypass the original auditions.

Cowell’s aim was to give some of the better acts a chance to prove themselves at a secretly held audition so that the acts do not face the hassle of lining up in large queues ahead of the start of the show. However, his act has not gone well with some of the other contestants who feel they have been treated unfairly.

All those acts that impressed were sent an email which was basically an invite for a special audition at a different venue. It stated that the performers would have a chance to bypass the huge crowds, which mostly consisted of wannabe singers.

“Traditionally, all auditionees are invited to X Factor open audition days. If successful they are invited back to a call-back day. But we would like to invite you to a special audition day, where you bypass the huge open day crowds. This is your first step to stardom,” the email read.

A source revealed that the move is an insult towards ordinary people who have stood in cues for hours. He admitted that the show’s credibility has been hit hard as performers have lost trust in the show.

“It makes a mockery of the ordinary people. It’s unfair that they queue in the rain for hours and others get invited to cosy auditions. They’re encouraging established acts to use the show as a marketing tool,” the source claimed.