Following a deadly suicide bombing in Sanaa this Monday which left 100s of people injured, the Yemeni authorities have arrested two suicide bombers

Sources say that the two men were carrying explosive belts that weighed 13 kilos. The bombers were arrested near the Sabiine square shortly after the attack led by a soldier who exploded in the middle of his comrades who were training for a military parade.

Both arrested men were also wearing military uniforms and planned to blow themselves.

Al-Qaeda has already claimed responsibility of these attacks and has threatened more of the same in the future. Sources further say that the country’s Chief of Staff and Defence Minister were the prime targets. However, both men came unscathed.

Following the attacks, the military parade that was planned for today to mark the anniversary of Yemeni reunification, has been cancelled.

US president, Barack Obama has also expressed his concern on Al Qaeda’s activities in the Arabian Peninsula. Speaking at the final press conference after the NATO summit in Chicago, Obama ensured that US will continue its partnership with Yemen in the fight
against terrorism.

“It (peace in Yemen) is important to American security. It is also important for the stability of Yemen and the region as a whole.”