OGRA is ready to drop another bomb on the consumers – Pakistan oil and gas sector update

ISLAMABAD  – The authorities are likely to bomb the consumers with an increase in the oil costs by Rs 5 per liter from The month of June 01, next season, News Pakistan learnt from special sources on 26th May 2011.

Official resources of the Oil and Gas Regulating Specialist (OGRA) said that according to the worldwide costs OGRA has suggested the administration to improve the oil costs.

Sources told News Pakistan team that there will be no increase in the price of Kerosene oil . However, OGRA has suggested the authorities to improve the cost of higher octane oil (HOBC) by Rs 5 per liter, broadband diesel-powered oil (HSDO) by Rs 1.5 per re,
and light speed diesel rate diesel-powered (LDO) by 1.5 per re.

As the new tariffs unfold, HOBC would be available at Rs 111.72, HSDO at 100.33 per re, LDO at Rs 87.28 per re and kerosene oil would be available at Rs 89.24. Petroleum costs would be established on December31.

Experts believe that this burden on the first day of the next season would add to the costs of primary lifestyle goods as transport costs play a big huge role in determining the final price of a product.