Presidential elections in Egypt: The US welcomes the democratic process

Apparently, with the perceptions that Egypt will bring forward an ex-military man or an Akhwan-ul Muslimeen representative to be placed into the presidential saddle, it was envisaged that the USA might not feel comfortable to digest
the situation. However, today, as Egypt completed the first round of election phase, America has actually welcomed the process and has indicated to work with the country no matter who assumes the power.

In a press release issued by the department of state today, while welcoming the democratic process, the US congratulated Egypt for achieving a major milestone in achieving dignity and moving towards a better life for the people.
The press release stated, “Today, the Egyptian people concluded a historic two days of voting in the first round of their presidential election, marking another important milestone in their transition to democracy. We look forward to working with Egypt’s democratically
elected government. We will continue to stand with the Egyptian people as they work to seize the promise of last year’s uprising and build a democracy that reflects their values and traditions, respects universal human rights, and meets their aspirations for
dignity and a better life.”