Five days following the massacre of Hula, rebels have ordered Syrian government to implement the Annan plan by Friday or face the consequences

Syrian rebels say that they will give up fighting on Friday noon if the government of Bashar Al-Assad decides to implement the Annan plan that includes a cessation of violence in the country. The rebels however, have said that they will take up arms again
if their ultimatum is ignored.

“If the Syrian regime does not meet the deadline by Friday noon, the Syrian Army has announced that it will not be bound by the Annan plan. Our duty is to defend the civilians.”

“After the barbaric slaughter of women and children in Hula, we announce that nothing justifies the respect of the unilateral ceasefire as Assad buried the Annan plan in plain sight of the world.”

Rebels say that they launched the ultimatum that applies to the six-point plan proposed by Kofi Annan’s envoy, including immediate cessation of all forms of violence, withdrawal of all troops, tanks and vehicles in the residential areas, entry of humanitarian
aid in all affected regions, release of prisoners, access of media to the country, freedom of peaceful demonstration.

Rebels have also asked the regime to show their commitment not to attack the UN observer mission and opening of serious dialogues through UN in order to restore power to the people.