When elections are up in coming, the most incompetent political leaderships change at such times and they talk politics less and more the people’s welfare.

The present lot remains obsessed with its dirty politics as zestfully as in the past. They seem thinking our people eat politics, breathe politics and dream politics, which certainly they do not.

Bread and butter are among their miseries and adversities that are tormenting their unlivable lives. The nation is impatient to hear if these leaders have some medicine to mitigate their pain and grieves.

However, the politicians instead of giving them continue giving them heavy doses of politics all the time.

The incumbent keeps dancing day in and day out joyously that it will be the one and the only one to complete its five year term. However who will tell the government that the street gives a damn if it does or does not, when on its watch the masses have lived a life the worst of which they had never lived before?

It has been a period of mass deprivation, denial and want they had never ever gone through in their lifetimes. Increasing inflation, poverty, joblessness and hunger have stayed to be their eternal fate over these past four years.

Up till now the ruling class has the gumption to proclaim that it would fight the upcoming election on the basis of its performance.

The street just shudders and shrinks hearing of this, praying fervently they would never ever see again the harrowing times they have passed through in these four years.

After all, the people are no lesser angry with the politicos, playing so playfully with their lives and destinies. They are fed up with the dirty politics of these politicos.

They want to hear of it no more. They want to hear what remedies have the politicos in their plans to cure the afflictions making the lives of the masses so miserable.

The politicos must tell them, but if by chance they have something on this count in their shallow minds. After all, these are election times. Isn’t it?

But will these self-assuming politicos ever change? Chances are too dim. Still keep your fingers crossed.