Felipe Massa is under tremendous pressure going into the second race of the season the Canadian Grand Prix.

Massa has had a terrible couple of seasons and the start to the 2012 season was one of the lowest points of his performances since his accident in 2009.

Massa has had different problem in the season first it was the balance of the F2012 car and then tyre management was also an issue. Earlier in the season, Massa blamed the car to be the reason behind his poor showing. However, since the update package was introduced the car has shown considerable improvement and Fernando Alonso has already shown how well the car is working for him.

He said that the car was sliding and the compounds were degrading very fast. Other cars on the grid did not go through the problems Ferrari drivers have had to go through was the sentiment of the Brazilian. He said the medium tyres did not fare any better for him. Massa added that going into the Canadian Grand Prix the team will need to work really hard to further improve on the car and hopefully he can capitalize on his form and come up with the desired results.

During the Monaco Grand Prix, it was difficult to overtake other cars. The track is a complex one, and it the race showed just how complex it can be as eight drivers retired during the race. At first the gruesome slip that Lotus driver Romain Grosjean had finished a few drivers race and almost finished Michael Schumacher’s as well.

It will be important for the Brazilian to pick up his game as soon as possible as his race seat with Ferrari is in serious doubt. Talks of his oust from the current season are even growing and it will be a devastating time for Massa if that were to happen. Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo has already warned Massa to come up with better performances in the season in order to save his race seat beyond 2012.

The Brazilian has been a nervy driver since he returned from his 2009 injury which almost ended his career. He will need to regain his focus before the race and play it safe first and then try to move up the ranks.