The inhabitants of the Syrian village live in fear of the raids by the Syrian Army

Suddenly alerts, a lot of guns are found in the plains. A mother covers her daughter in a blanket to protect her. In the alleys there is a lot of panic. There are only children, women and elderly men left. Men on the other hand, are fighting the Syrian Army.

Meanwhile, a wagon hitched to an old tractor takes around 12 women with their children as the village is emptied in minutes.

Northwest of Syria, Jebel Akrad fell into the rebel hands about two months ago. And the town of Akko, whose population was 600 before the revolt, is under a lot of threat. The villagers have now taken refuge to the forest.

Other hideouts covered under the pines, in the valleys, welcome the rest of the villagers. Older men took out their old guns, ridiculous. "Last time, in April, helicopters strafed at random forest." This time, the flight will have been useless:
Syrian forces turned back the edge Jebel.

The next day, another warning sign came as a column of light armoured soldiers headed to a nearby village. The panic rises but young motorcyclists guard their village. A dozen Akko fighters jump in a van which travels at breakneck speed through the countryside.
At the checkpoint, it is later found out that the scouts saw nothing.

However, those fighters must continue more cautiously to avoid facing Bashar Al-Assad’s army that searches for them like a pack of hungry wolves.

Amidst the small crowd, a man is in tears as his blistered hands turn purple. He writhes in pain but their there is no doctor to take care of him. His side of the story is even worse than those blisters. The man saw soldiers storm in and take his neighbor
who was working on the fields. The only mistake the man made was to ask why the soldiers took away a peasant who had done nothing wrong.

“They threw me to the ground. One of them picked up a log there. And then they pounded my hands and forearms with it just to have a laugh.”

The plight of the Syrians….to be continued