In order to avoid criticism, Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry has decided to distance himself from the case pertaining to the corruption scandal against his son Dr Arslan Iftikhar.

While detaching him from a three-judge bench hearing a suo motu case against his son, he said a divisional bench will hear the case. Attorney General Irfan Qadir Thursday reiterated that the court should first decide about the CJ’s inclusion in the bench.

Iftikhar Chaudhry quitted the bench saying, “He was not responsible for his offspring as Quran has declared it. I owned no house and no car despite I have been a judge and hearing high profile cases for 22 years. I don’t know what business Arsalan do”.

Justice Khilji during the course of hearing remarked that what they would do for other judges if succeeded in buying a judge.

The chief justice, however, chose not to put much emphasis on the attorney general’s comments and proceeded with the hearing but later decided to quit the bench.

He remarked, “The Quran says you are responsible for your own actions, not your children’s. We have faith and believe in Allah”.

As per the short order of the court, a special bench will be formed now which will begin the hearing by 2pm.

Kamran Khan, the senior anchorperson of a private TV channel, while recording their statement, claimed that Malik Riaz showed them documents according to which Riaz’s son-in-law financed all purchases and payments for Arsalan Iftikhar while he was in London.

He informed the court that Malik Riaz had told him that he had also showed the evidence against CJ’s son to Aitazaz Ahsan. “Malik Riaz also told me that Aitza Ahsan wept after seeing evidence against Arsalan, he added.

The court had earlier issued notices to chief executive of Geo TV and anchors Kamran Khan, Najam Sethi and Shaheen Sehbai to appear before the court with evidence, since they hosted programmes on the issue.


  1. I hope the Hon Supreme Court gets to the bottom of the case and get the facts and punish who ever it may be however high or small.

    I hope it is proved that the laws are for all: the rich and mighty and small and helpless citizens

    Let justice be done

  2. It doesn’t matter because the other Judges will follow which
    CJ himself wants. Unfortunately in every decision Supreme court
    Judges are not acting as independent judges they are acting as
    one which can’t be seen in other supreme courts of the world.

  3. Dr Arslan got admission into medical college because he was son of a high court judge.

    He became a section officer , then got into FIA , promoted to 18 grade- all because he was a son of a Supreme Court PCO judge. Mishap happened when the govt. was pressed hard to induct him into police service of Pakistan.

    He has became a business tycoon, spends lavishly on foreign trips, and black mails another dubious business house because he is a son of CJ of Pakistan.

    We are told that CJ and his family are unaware of all his deeds of last over 15 years. They just happen to be living under one roof and spending lavishly on foreign trips including at Harrods.

  4. Its the perfect time now to raise several other questions related to Dr. Arsalan and his father, like:
    1) How did he get admission in Medical College out of merit?
    2) His appointment as doctor in Baluchistan, also out of merit.
    3) His transfer from Hospital to CSS officer (Police Cader), again out of turn.