PM Gilani regards education vital for the development of country – COMSATS conference of VCs, Rectors & Presidents

Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani while addressing the inaugural session of the COMSATS conference of VCs, Rectors and Presidents today said that education and Research and Development is vital for the progress and development
of Pakistan as well as of the entire Muslim Ummah.

While hoping for the participants of the invaluable event to have a pleasant and productive time during the conference, the PM said that he looks forward to the proceedings of the event which were expected to come up with ‘sound,
specific and practical recommendations’ for the problems at hand.

He said, “I am confident that the practical proposals will further strengthen our respective higher education systems in general and research and development in science and technology in particular.”

Admitting the role of investment in science and technology for the welfare and prosperity of the people, PM Gilani said, “In today’s knowledge based global society, the role of sciences and technology has assumed center-stage in
the welfare and well being of the people. It, therefore, goes without saying that our nations’ prosperous future is tied to meaningful investment in sciences and technology-led education and human resource development.”

Highlighting that all the modern comforts were a blessing of the modern technologies, that were invented by the Europe and the West, the PM proposed the conference participants to besides the already set agenda, also deliberate
on the paradigm shift from being the users of the technologies to becoming the producers of the technologies.

He said, “We find that so far 825 individuals and 20 organizations have been awarded Nobel Prizes. Do you know how many out of this large number have been from the Islamic world? Just 9, in spite of the fact that the Muslims constitute
almost one quarter of the world’s total population. May I, therefore, propose that along with the already set agenda for the Forum let us also focus our attention on a paradigm shift from being just the users of technologies to becoming the producers of technologies,
goods and services?”

Laying out a map for the efforts to achieve this desired state of acumen in education and technologies, the PM said that we require an all-embracing effort by all the stakeholders responsible for education, research and development.
The country will have to make increasing investment in education in spite of numerous other competing demands.

Gilani was of the view that in order to achieve this broader goal, the universities will have to prepare their students appropriately and equip them with the most relevant skill sets, suitable for the modern market place.

At the end of his speech, the PM assured the participants of his government’s support in materializing their constructive ideas. He also expressed his delight for Pakistan being host of such invaluable event and said that the country
will love to organize further such conferences in the future.