Syrian soldiers have tortured and summarily executed several children and even used some of them as young as eight years as ‘human shields’ in their operations against the rebels according to a UN report

UN has denounced the Syrian government as one of the worst on its annual list of ‘the shame’ where the protagonists in conflict have killed, tortured and forced children to fight for a cause that is not going to do them any good.

UN’s special representative for Children and Armed Conflict, Radhika Coomaraswamy expressed his disgust at the brutal and inhumane tactics used by the Syrian Army.

“I have rarely seen so much brutality against children in Syria where girls and boys are imprisoned, tortured, executed and used as human shields.”

The report on “Children in Armed Conflict” published on Tuesday cites the circumstances of a four-day operation launched on March 9 by Syrian army in the village of Ayn in the Idlib province.

Dozens of boys aged between 8 and 13 have been rounded up by government troops. The reports says that those children were used by soldiers as militia and human shields and were even placed in front of the windows of buses that were carrying soldiers to enter
the village during the assault.

“The village was finally burned and four of the 34 prisoners were shot and burned, including two boys,” claims the report.

Meanwhile, Kofi Anna, the head of UN’s special envoy in Syria is hopeful for a meeting with the Syrians.

“We hope that the meeting will be held soon. Kofi Annan is encouraged by the Russians and the diplomatic work has intensified,” said a spokesman.

The objective of the meeting is to convince all parties involved in the conflict to implement the Annan plan rather than developing a new one.

What is happening in Syria is totally unacceptable from a humanitarian point of view. The fighting has to cease and it also falls on the rest of the world governments especially the great powers to use increase their influence and twist the arms of all the
protagonists especially the Syrian government that has resorted to such inhumane tactics to destroy the rebels.