Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Bahria Town Ali Riaz Malik submitted his reply to the Supreme Court in the Arsalan Iftikhar case, saying that the Bahria Town administration did not have anything to do with the claims.

The CEO of Bahria Town submitted his statement through his counsel Ali Zafar, clarifying that he had no knowledge about any deal between Arsalan Iftikhar and Malik Riaz.

Ali Riaz, the son of Malik Riaz, said that the allegation made by Arsalan Iftikhar were baseless and have no truth. Declaring himself innocent, he said he had nothing to do with the matter.

The statement observed, “Bahria Town is a cooperate organization, which pays taxes and duties, the organization has nothing to do with the case and both things should be dealt separately”.

Ali Riaz Malik informed the court that Bahria Town was not involved in any transaction or money deal allegedly done among Arsalan Iftikhar and Malik Riaz.

The statement added, “Neither I nor Beena Riaz made any allegations against the chief justice’s son, Dr Arsalan Iftikhar”.

He also stated in the statement that his father, Malik Riaz, had resigned from his position in the Bahria Town administration and that he had nothing to do with the issue. Ali Riaz was made CEO Bahria Town in July 2008.

According to the written statement, Malik Riaz holds no shares in Bahria Town.

Information was leaked to certain media houses claiming that Dr Iftikhar had received millions of rupees and foreign trips as bribe from Malik Riaz in return for pledges to settle all pending cases related to Bahria Town.

As the news spread on national media, Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry had taken a suo motu notice, and had summoned his son and Malik Riaz to the apex court.

Arsalan Iftikhar in his statement has denied all the charges leveled against him by Malik Riaz and alleged him of blackmailing.