Malik Riaz, the property tycoon, submitted his statement to the Supreme Court, saying that he spent more than Rs 342 million on Dr. Arsalan Iftikhar, the son of Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry.

These disclosures, which had been rumored for months and are only now being owned by the real estate tycoon, are expected to shift the mainstream account.

According to the statement, Dr Arsalan claimed that he could settle the cases fought in his father’s court in favor of Bahria Town but that did not happen.

The business tycoon Malik Riaz’s counsel, Zahid Bukhari has submitted the documented statement of Malik Riaz in the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

The statement noted, “Dr Iftikhar had promised that he would help settle cases in his father’s court, but did not get any relief despite the money spent”.

According to the documents, Malik Riaz’s son-in-law Salman Ahmed Khan, who is based in London, covered Arsalan and his family’s summer visits to the U.K. in 2011 and 2010 by spending some £40,000 on flats and hotel rooms in Central London and on luxury car rents.

According to the statement, Salman Ahmed also had sponsored Arsalan and his friends’ airfare and five-star stay in Monte Carlo two years ago.

The statement said that Arsalan was accompanied by a woman namely Sana Hanfi on his trip to Monte Carlo.

The documents also include Arsalan’s Pakistani passport copy (No. AM4194022), U.K. visa (No. UK358685N) and international driver’s permit (LE-10-1605-INT).

Malik Riaz in his statement claimed that he gave Rs326 million in cash to the chief justice’s son on different occasions.

In his statement, the business tycoon rejected the impression that no one including the prime minister, the president and any political personality were part of or related to the agreement in any way.

Malik Riaz also reiterated that he was being blackmailed by the chief justice’s son and was forced into going public.

The Supreme Court took notice of media rumors that Malik Riaz may be carrying damning evidence against Arsalan Iftikhar.

Hours later, in the first hearing of that case, the chief justice swore on the Quran that he had no knowledge of his son’s sudden wealth or business dealings.

Malik Riaz raised legal objections on the case’s hearing mentioning that its illegal for SC to take suo moto notice. He said that Dr. Arsalan committed fraud and did corruption which is against NAB Law.


  1. I think the person who enjoyed bribe money and the person who gave the bribe money both should be behind bars. Malik Riaz offered bribery and he initiated the Corruption and he should be made an example out of him so that next time business tycoons will restrain away from manipulation in the country. I hope both Arsalan Iftikhar and Malik Riaz should be given hefty jail sentences so that next time no one dares to do this type of corruption

  2. Why do not we point out that Malik Riaz sits in the presidency. Presidency is his office. Look at Malik Riaz’s house in Isb, it is heavily guarded by the police. What for he receives this hefty security? Why are we ignoring this proximity of MR with the current govt.

    This is a case similar to memogate. HH is to be made an example of but why not those who are actually carrying out all this.

  3. Thats the difference between Mushraff and Zardari when the former wanted CJ out he did it like a man without fear of consequences but the later is weaving a web to entarp for the kill !!

  4. Chief Justice is a very big name supported by Political Parties and Lawyers. Brother Judges would unquestionably be under lot of pressure if the case had started unfolding. In such circumstances, Ali Riaz, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Bahria Town, has rightly backed out. He would have been made an example if he has said any thing against the heir apparent.

  5. I am afraid we will not call this being blackmailed as it was basically not a transaction where Arslan was depriving him of Justice if he was not to act, rather it meant that he would offer (if true) relief for everything that is in court which by the look of it is wrong as otherwise Riaz wouldn’t have been interested in doing so.

    There is a whole lot of things in it and I am sure who started this campaign against the CJ’s son didn’t know it were to go into courts eventually rather they wanted to do it through Media which backfired

  6. Perverting the course of Justice! anyone who has done it, and anyone who is aiding or promising it, should be punished! Bahria Town mafia will all its money trying to make it itself away from these issues when all being said and done is to protect Bahria Town malpractices.