The judicial commission constituted by the Supreme Court to probe the alleged memogate scandal declared Hussain Haqqani, the Pakistan’s former ambassador to the United States, guilty.

A larger bench of the apex court headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry opened the report prepared by the commission and read out its content. According to the report, Hussain Haqqani had authored the confidential memorandum.

It stated that Haqqani sought the US support through the memo and wanted to head new security team in the country.

It also stated that the former ambassador was not loyal to the country as he had left the country and living abroad. He wanted to undermine the Constitution, nuclear assets, army, and ISI, it added.

According to the report, the motive of the memo was to ensure the US that the civilian government of Pakistan is its ally. It noted, “Being an ambassador, it did not suit Haqqani to give such assurances to a foreign country”.

Former ambassador Hussain Haqqani was forced to resign last year after Pakistani-origin business tycoon Mansoor Ijaz claimed he was approached by the former to pass on a memo, on behalf of President Asif Ali Zardari, to the American government calling for their help to oust security establishment.

The nine-member bench ordered Hussain Haqqani to come back to the country, saying he had assured the court at the time of leaving that he would come back within period of four days if summoned by the court.

The hearing has been adjourned till two weeks, whereas notices were issued to all respondents in the case.

In his quick reaction over the report, Hussain Haqqani tweeted on the micro-blogging website Twitter, saying that the commission’s proceedings were one-sided.

He noted, “Commission is not a court and those claiming it has determined guilt or innocence are wrong. One-sided proceedings of Commission that refused to hear me will be challenged by my lawyers”.

He further said the report of the commission is being used to distract attention from other embarrassing issues. Its claims are political, not legal, he added.

He blamed that those who endorsed military dictators & allowed them to amend constitution cannot judge my or anyone else’s patriotism.


  1. Although both Haqani and Mnsoor remains the suspicious characters through out the whole memo drama. but the point is that Haqani was the one given with the responsibility of securing Pakistan’s national interests and to pursue our foreign policy towards/in America. but he was doing opposite job instead by putting Pakistan’s sovereignty at stake. so he should be punished first.
    as far as mansoor is concern he is not Pakistani citizen he do not have taken any oath to keep his loyalties with Pakistan. he is not doing all these things in sincerity with Pakistan but perhaps he have some other hidden agenda in this. he is not trustworthy person either so the final judgement should be made on evidences and proves and the culprits and treacherous should be hanged!