In view of an ongoing war in the FATA (Federally Administrated Tribal Agency), the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) issued final warning to the local residents to leave South Waziristan at the earliest.

According to the media reports, the TTP issued a pamphlet in South Waziristan, issuing final forewarning to the local tribes.

Appealing to all residents of South Waziristan to leave the area owing to war, the pamphlet distributed by the militants in the Mehsud territory also extended amnesty to all local people.

The pamphlet noted, “No NGO or any NGO contractors were allowed to operate in the area. Rather it termed them as legitimate targets. The employees associated with educational activities, health, and members of the Khasadar force (volunteer force) are also included in the lists.”

The press note stated that these people, if caught working will be treated as criminals. It also forewarned that house owners and others who assisted Mehsud tribe members in settling in South Waziristan had committed a crime.

The pamphlet also had a warning for those operating transportation enterprises, saying these people were committing an unpardonable offense.

Here is the translated version of last warning for residents of Mehsud circle in South Waziristan agency

  • All the people are warned and appealed that they should vacate the Sourth Waziristan area as there is a war going on here.
  • We have not permitted any NGO or any contractor of any NGO nor we ever allow such people; they all are our targets.
  • We declare general amnesty to all the people who leave the area.
  • All the employees associated with education and health and NGOs and the khasadar force will be treated as criminals.
  • The signatory malkan and those who have sent Mehsud people to live in Waziristan, and those who invite them and who help them and assist them in settling here are also committing the crime.
  • All those who run any kind of transport or manage transport in the Mehsud circle are also committing unpardonable crime and are advised to refrain from it.