The richest person in the world suggested elevating the retirement age to 70 to utilize the faculties of the experienced

The world’s richest man, Carlos Slim Helu, has been talking humanitarian of late. In his latest speech at the Geneva telecommunications conference in Switzerland, he touched a number of topics, including global economy and private public sectors.

He started off with the availability of internet in the world. Though countries like the US, Mexico, overall the whole of West, has internet available readily to the public, the rest of the world, including some countries in Asia and Africa, are still deprived of the basic internet facilities. Take the example of Pakistan. The country was once the leader in mobile internet services but now does not have a simple 3G network for mobile phones.

Carlos Slim was specific about mobile devices like smartphones. He urged big organizations to expand their span of infrastructure to every corner of the world with affordable internet. He was quoted as calling internet the “new nervous system” of the modern society.

He suggested that these companies should provide internet to tablets and smartphones that are 3G or 4G enabled. According to him, smartphones that do not have internet facility are just “dumb phones” that are only limited to voice calling.

He added that only 12 percent of the world is availing internet in any shape, be it 3G, 4G, landline broadband or even 56K dial-ups.

Carlos Slim made the top of the world’s richest billionaires’ list this year with an overall worth of $65 Billion, thanks to his major stake in Latin America’s largest cellular carrier, America Movil, and many other real estate enterprises and retail store chains.