Mark Tremonti, Creed lead guitarist, has confessed that Metallica, Testament and Forbidden have remained his major influence in his musical education.

“As a kid, I was into Metallica, Testament and Forbidden, all the fast, straight-down picking rhythm guys. That’s what I kind of excelled at early on because it didn’t take a lot of brains or ears to really figure that stuff out at first. It’s just a lot of repetition. That’s what I picked up more easily, so that’s kind of my wheel house now”, Tremonti stated.

The 38-year-old guitarist, who founded Creed in 1995 and Alter Bridge in 2004, is going to release his debut solo album, All I Was, in July and he revealed that the record sounds more like a story on somebody’s life.

“I think it was fitting being my first solo CD. It sounds like a story on somebody’s life, about their past, and how it turned out. It’s a good title”, Tremonti added.

The highly talented guitarist also confessed that in his early days, he was never a respectful guitarist as he is now.

“In the earlier Creed days, I was much more the songwriter that could get by as a rhythm player with a few tricks. I was never a good improviser or a blues player or much of a lead guitar player back in those days”, Tremonti concluded.