Australia planning on building the biggest marine reserve – Oil and gas news update 

Australia would create the largest network of marine reserves in the world, protecting the water on the area more, while India banning oil and gas production and limiting production in some of the most sensitive areas.

Australia marine reserves increase from 27 to 60 under the new scheme, which covers more than 3 million square kilometers, or one third of the island nation’s waters.

The announcement of the network was made this week to more than 130 heads of state and government will gather in Rio de Janeiro for the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Conference in global efforts to curb climate change, one of the largest conferences
in the history of the United Nations .

The new reserves will be created with the Perth Canyon, south-west of Kangaroo Island off the southern coast, but the "pearl" will safeguard Coral Sea, which surrounds the Great Barrier Reef in north-east, the Environment Minister Tony Burke said Thursday.

"Coral Sea Marine National Park … in conjunction with the Great Barrier Reef region, is the largest marine protected areas in the world," Burke said.Protection Plan will prevent oil and gas production in all marine national parks, including through the
coral sea and the Margaret River, a popular tourist and wine region in the south-west.Burke acknowledged the plan would also have an impact on the fishing industry.

The plan drew immediate criticism from some environmental groups as well as independent and opposition politicians and lobbyists."It’s devastating, and those who will suffer most coastal communities," Dean Logan, chief executive officer of the Australian
Maritime Union, which represents the commercial and recreational fishermen told Australian television.

Burke said that the government will talk about the fishing industry awards within the 60-day consultation period."Not far enough"Green Party MP from minority groups said the government had to bow to oil and gas interests in drawing up the borders without

"The boundaries of the Minister determined were very much determined by the oil and gas prospects, as well as clearly defined by lobbying in the oil and gas sector," Rachel Siewert, Greens representative of offshore, "told reporters.Conservative opposition
leader Tony Abbott said the plan would be "detrimental to the rights of commercial fishers and commercial tour operators.

"Wildlife and environmental groups have also noted that the steps do not go far enough to protect marine mammals from the effects of oil and gas in many areas."Offshore Petroleum Exploration were not considered due process," said Matthew Collis, a fighter
for the International Fund for Animal Welfare.

"This is bad news for whales and dolphins, because many of the areas where the industry is working or want to work are also important places where whales and dolphins," he said.Earlier this month, a United Nations report said the world-famous Australian
Great Barrier Reef was under threat of industrial development and may be considered for inclusion in the World Heritage List, "" at risk "in the next year.Last week, Australia delayed environmental approval for $ 9700000000 coal project proposed GIC facilities
in India and in the infrastructure of Queensland, which will lead to an increase in shipping through the Great Barrier Reef.