Martin Whitmarsh believes that Jenson Button’s poor performance at the Canadian Grand Prix is to be blamed on McLaren.

Lewis Hamilton showed just how strong the McLaren car was during the race while Button was struggling for pace and looked nothing like his teammate who lapped him during the race. Button finished at 16th place.

“Jenson is a great racing driver, but we served him badly over the weekend,” Whitmarsh is quoted by Sporting Life. “His rear tyres were completely shot because we didn’t long-run with his suspension set-up on Friday. That was our fault. We didn’t give him a car he could perform in.”

“Looking at what is happening with the rear tyres I think the car was excessively hard on them. It was killing the tyres. But we have a lot more data, so we will sit with the engineers and do more analysis. He is a super-smooth driver and we just didn’t give him a car he could do it with. We have to get it right,” he added.

Button won the opening race of the season in Australia, but from there on was not able to give a repeat performance.

McLaren has been tagged as the strongest car on the grid, but Button has been seen struggling in the last couple of races. His problems have been much similar to Michael Schumacher who is also struggling to perform in the season due to his team not able to provide him with the required equipment to compete.

Button won the Canadian GP last year and should have been in the top three or at least in the running for a podium position but instead was struggling to finish the race.

Whitmarsh said that he does not think that the result of the Canadian GP will dent the confidence of the Brit. He added that he has a smart head on his shoulders and his strong mindedness will spur him to make a stronger comeback at Valencia. He could be the first driver to repeat a win in the season.