The 2012 season has been a record breaking one as there have been seven different winners in the season out of the seven Grands Prix completed.

The competitiveness is very high in the season drivers and teams have found it hard to cope with the unpredictability of the season. Smaller teams like Sauber and struggling teams like Williams have found the season to be a revelation as it has given them a great opportunity to make an impact in the season that was unthinkable in the previous year.

2011 was dominated by Red Bull as Sebastian Vettel went on to win eleven Grands Prix in the season and Mark Webber added one to that tally in the final race of the season to bring the total to 12 for Red Bull.

Recent years and the trend of the sport has been to have two or three teams normally dominate the season by battling it out between the top three. Recent years have seen Red Bull, McLaren and Ferrari which has mostly been part of the top three mix, to be in contention for the title Championships of both the Drivers’ and the Constructors’.

In the current season it is hard to determine a favourite though it seems that Ferrari, Red Bull and McLaren are again going to hold the top spots, but this time there still chance for other teams to make an upset. Teams like Mercedes, Lotus and even Sauber are in contention for more than they targeting before the start of the season.

Peter Sauber says Formula 1 is currently better and more exciting than it ever was.

Lotus team Principal Eric Boullier and Mercedes Principal Ross Brawn admitted that their earlier goals need to be re-assessed as the season has given them hope of better outcomes.

Lotus has already had four podium finishes two from Kimi Raikkonen and two from Romain Grosjean although they have yet to have a win. Mercedes has had three podium finishes with Nico Rosberg also recording his maiden victory at the Chinese Grand Prix.

Mercedes could have had a better result but Michael Schumacher has had a shocking season so far and not due to his own fault rather the team has let him down. Brawn even apologised to Schumacher publicly for not being able to provide the veteran the tools to be able to perform in the season.

The point is that the gap between teams is very small and it has led to a highly competitive season. McLaren driver Jenson Button termed the season as confusing for the fans who are not sure who to back before a race.

The reason behind this level of competitiveness can be explained by six different world champions racing in the season but that is not the only reason. The main reason behind it is the FIA’s regulation changes that have disallowed teams to gain advantage over other teams. The technologies are more or less the same and it has given smaller teams the advantage to challenge the top teams.

The season has had mixed results, it is clearly not the best Formula 1 has ever been but it has set up quite an interesting season. Sauber is right to say that it is exciting, but it has certainly turning out to be an exhausting season in terms of its unpredictability. How the season will stand in the history books will only be found out at the end of the season.