Everyone is talking about the latest scandal of behind-the-scenes footage of a private TV channel that hit the airwaves on Thursday.

The leaked video, which appeared on YouTube, proves that the interview of Malik Riaz with Mehar Bokhari and Mubashar Lucman was planed and scripted.

Malik Riaz, the real estate tycoon and central figure of the entire Arsalan Iftikhar case, hurled explosive allegations at several individual in the said interview.

The behind-the-scenes footage revealed a shocking story of bribery, corruption and deceit with the nation.

Unknown people, who featured the video, have taken away the visual evidence from a studio that will continue to rock us. It raises questions regarding the state to which we have sunk as a nation.

The credibility of the media and journalists is now under serious scrutiny as accusations are hurled back and forth against them. Hence, we should remember that no absolute evidence has been produced about what was said during the interview.

Many anchors and journalists have been blamed for taking favors from Malik Riaz but no solid evidence is being produced against them up till now.

In order to uphold credibility, we need to put in place some means to ensure that the masses are not fed pure untruth by the media at the behest of wealth and rich personalities. The authorities concerned should investigate the matter of the hosts named in the interview.

Without any doubt, the interview and its behind-the-scenes footage appeared to be a blessing in disguise as it has brought the serious issue of how the media conducts itself in matters of national significance out into the open.

I hope that the latest development will lead to measures being taken by the itself to set rules and regulations to regulate activities of the media professionals. It also highlights how difficult it is

The incident also highlights how difficult it is to keep things hidden in today’s technologically advanced world.

The question is whether this knowledge will lead us towards cleaning up our country and preventing matters from worsening still further as a result of scams and scandals that have been propping up with increased frequency.



  1. Corruption has many thousands of faces and just one faces has been disclosed and the more we look into others the more we discover but its all the game of powerful persons so do not expect anything can happen to anyone coz who can take action? Almost all are involved and no everyone want to be safe. Their safety is interdependent so do not touch me I will not touch you:)