Government cut down oil prices – Pakistan oil and gas news

Karachi – Despite the fact that the Government has slashed down the prices of petroleum products to aid in weight, but the oil marketing companies, both public and private, to collect a piece of their illegal, it is learned.A brief overview of some of the
city petrol pumps showed that none of the private oil marketing companies, or only the state of Pakistan State Oil (PSO) has been selling products on the floor rate set by oil and gas regulatory body (restricted).

Consumers have been confused because of the difference observed in the prices of petroleum products. In some pumps, consumers were seen arguing with stations in the high windows of the difference in prices.June 15 the government raised prices of POL products
and lower prices, after declining rates of oil in the international market.

In accordance with the message of the restriction, gasoline prices have been slashed and revised as compared to Rs 99.97 per liter to Rs 89.51 per liter. HOBC price has been reduced from Rs 113.32 per liter to 125.07 rupees per liter. Prices for high speed
diesel was reduced from 105.77 rupees per liter to Rs 99.69 per liter, gas Rs 94.05 per liter to 88.79 rupees a liter and the cost of pre-light diesel revised 91.59 rupees per liter and is fixed at Rs 86.57 per liter.

However, the products are not available at Paul fuel pumping stations of the city bounded on the above rates. In the state PSO, gasoline was available at Rs 89.74 per liter and diesel was sold at Rs 99.92 per liter. At Shell pumps, gasoline was available
at Rs 89.81 per liter and diesel was proposed at Rs 99.99 per liter. Caltex petrol is sold at Rs 89.88 per liter and diesel by 100 rupees per liter. In Hascol, gasoline was available at Rs 89.74 per liter and diesel was sold at Rs 99.92 per liter.

Oil companies, marketing collected illegal piece of the floor products. PSO collects Rs 0.23 cent per liter on petrol and diesel. Shell will be charged Rs 0.30 per liter for an additional penny on gasoline and diesel fuel. Caltex has collected Rs 0.37 cent
per liter on petrol and Rs 0.31 cent per liter. Hascol charged Rs 0.23 a liter in addition to petrol and diesel. Consumers of products were seen Gender confused because of the difference in the revision of the government and the price of oil marketing companies
in the gas station.

In an interview today with Pakistan, Pakistan Petroleum Dealers Association (PPDA) Chairman Abdul Sami Khan said that the oil companies, the marketing will be charged a few pennies per liter of gasoline and diesel fuel. Provide justification for an additional
charge, he said, the oil companies to pay taxes, marketing, and a number of dealers OMCs, whereby they take a few pennies to meet their expenses.

He said that the rates varied from city to city, and in some cities, the additional costs are low, as compared with other cities. He claimed that the oil marketing has approved this additional restriction on the charge. Large companies, marketing of oil
to collect low rates, as JI while smaller companies marketing oil, a little higher than larger companies, he added.