Government to start 100 LPG filling stations at PSO outlets – Pakistan oil and gas news

"Pakistan State Oil to ensure the supply of liquefied natural gas to private companies that will install the CIS space at points of public sector oil marketing company," he said.
The Minister noted that the policy of the CIS was almost completed and will soon be forwarded to the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) of the Cabinet of Ministers for approval.
The policy of the CIS, the existing Saudi Aramco CP pricing formula will be erased and the import and domestic LPG will be sold at an average price, he said.
However, the government, the minister said, is working on a national company of the CIS, which will deal with LPG filling stations in terms of cheaper fuel.
"The cost of travel on compressed natural gas (LNG) is the RS5 per kilometer, while the gas is Rs6, however, transport costs for gasoline Rs9.50 per km," he said.
On introduction of the gas system of quotas for CNG filling stations, the minister said that the mechanism of this effect is being developed which will be finalized and implemented within two to three weeks.
Hussain said that during his tenure, the country’s gas production increased by 350 400mmcfd. Nevertheless, the government estimated the huge gas reserves 34tcf (trillion feet of gas per day) in Kulsuch on the border between Balochistan and Punjab.
"From Badin, 30mmcfd of gas and 25,000 barrels per day of crude oil was introduced into the system."
On the import of LNG from Qatar, the Minister said that this is a complex issue and the demand has increased all over the world.
Qatar, however, suggested 2.5mmcfd gas per day, which is insufficient to meet the needs of the country, and that is why Pakistan was also asked to provide LNG Algeria to Pakistan. When asked, he said, Algeria to provide LNG to Pakistan in the government-to-government
agreement. The minister said that if the deal is completed, it will take 18 months to bring in LNG in the country.
Unaccounted for gas (UFG) was reduced to less than 10 percent from 15 percent, according to the minister, and expressed the hope that it will be further reduced to seven percent over the next two months.
Appointment of Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) managing director, the minister said, three candidates were selected and their names were sent to the Prime Minister for final decision. Each candidate has a short 30-40 years of relevant experience,
he added.