On June 9, the undefeated American prospect, Timothy Bradley, shocked everyone by securing a controversial win over the eight-division world champion Manny Pacquiao at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. However, he has hardly got any appreciation for his win because many out there believe that the fight was dominated by the Filipino icon and it was a poor decision from the judges.

After the fight, Bradley, who now holds the WBO Welterweight championship belt, offered Pacquiao a rematch on November 10 but Bob Arum is not interested in the rematch since he thinks it will be very hard to sell it.

However, Bradley, also known as ‘Desert Storm’, wants to fight Pac-Man once more in order to settle the differences.

Bradley appeared on mydesert.com Tuesday afternoon for an hour-long online chat and while hearing a hat that said ‘I love haters’, he said that he is ready to fight Pacquiao anytime because he wants to show people that his win was not a fluke.

“I don’t think that’s the way it should go. I think the rematch should happen. I think the fight was really close, it could have gone either way,” Bradley of Cathedral City said. “I’m all for it. Nov. 10, let’s do it. November or December, if he wants to do the rematch, why not? All this (controversy) would be taken away. Let’s do the rematch and settle it once and for all.”

Well, all said and done, perhaps Bradley is anxious for a rematch because he wants another big pay-day. On the other hand, team Pacquiao is looking forward for a fourth fight with the Mexican Dinamita, Juan Manuel Marquez, who is considered to be among the greatest Mexican boxers of all time.

Nevertheless, let’s see what Pacquiao decides after he returns from holidays.