The Arab League has asked Russia to stop supplying weapons to Bashar Al-Assad’s forces who are using arms against civilians

While talking to Russian news agency Interfax, Ahmed Ben Helli, the number 2 of the League has asked Russians to stop helping the current Syrian regime.

“Any aid to violence must stop, because when you deliver military equipment, you are helping to kill people,” said Ben Helli in response to a question about Russian-Syrian military cooperation.

These statements come after the West has started increasing its pressure on Russia to stop arms delivery in Syria.

These days, all eyes are focused on a Russian freighter, the MV Alaed. Many people suspect that the ship is delivering Mi-25 helicopters to Damascus. These Soviet-made fighters were used by the Syrian Army during their crackdown on insurgents.

U.S. Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, on June 12, blamed Russia for helping the Syrian regime in its war against the rebels. However, Moscow claims that it has not delivered any arms to Syria recently and had only repaired helicopters that it sold to
its ally a long time ago.

Moscow claims that it has not broken any international laws.

On May 9, 2011, the European Union voted for an embargo on arms and ammunition bound for Syria as it feared that the regime will most likely use its weapons against the population. However, Russia opposed this decision strongly.

10% of the weapons manufactured by Russia, are sold to Syria according to an Amnesty International report. In 2010, around 81 weapons which included, missiles, missile launchers, fighter jets and anti-tank missiles were sold to Syria.


  1. Oh no, Russia shouldn’t supply weapons to Russia!!! That’s against international law isn’t it!!!