Shockingly: Petroleum prices reduced as proposed by OGRA – Pakistan oil and gas news

Petroleum products prices decreased as proposed by OGRA. Recommended to reduce the prices of petroleum products by the RS10 and Thursday, the ministry has sent a summary of Geographic News Wednesday in the oil and Gas Authority (OGRA).

Oil and gas resources, the authorities said that the prices of petroleum products is lower than the international market of $ 95 a barrel, while prices of petroleum products in Pakistan are charged $ 120 a barrel. The OGRA has been proposed to the Government
to reduce the prices of petroleum products from Rs10.46.

The summary also proposed to reduce the price by Rs6.08 diesel, kerosene by Rs5.02 per liter 5.26, HOBC Rs11.75 and light diesel. It should be noted that the government will tomorrow announce new prices of petroleum products.