Leader of PML-Q Makhdoom Faisal Salah Hayat refused to sit in the cabinet headed by newly elected Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf.

Talking to a private TV channel he said that he cannot work under Raja Pervez Ashraf . He said that the decision regarding not taking ministry is his personal one because he is not fond of any portfolio.

Answering a question about casting his vote in favour of Raja Pervez Ashraf, he said that it was an obligation under party discipline “I was the parliamentary leader of the PML-Q and if I did not cast my vote, it would have been given a wrong message.

He said that the party has put immense pressure on him to accept ministry but his conscience does not allow to work under Ashraf. He said that that he has told the party leadership about his decision.

The former minister noted, “Seeing all of us present in the court, Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry once remarked in a welcoming tone that the entire party has come here to pursue its petition”

Informing Chaudhry Shujaat that the PML-Q challenged the Rental Power Projects (RPPs) in the Supreme Court, he said it was its parliamentary leader who became a petitioner on behalf of the party.

He further informed the party president that the top bosses of the PML-Q including its president, secretary general and some other top leaders had been accompanying him to the Supreme Court during the hearings on the RPPs to show that the case was being collectively followed.

He said that party leadership as well as nation knows the differences between him and Pervez Ashraf and working under him would not suit him.

It is pertinent to mention here that Makhdoom Faisal Saleh Hayat cast his vote in favour of PM Raja Pervez Ashraf on Friday, when election of Prime Minister was held in National Assembly.

On Monday, PML-Q’s Chaudhry Wajahat Hussain, Ghous Baksh Mehar, Chaudhry Anwar Ali Cheema, Riaz Peerzada and Jam Muhammad Yousuf will take oath as federal ministers while Sardar Shahjahan Yousaf, Khwaja Sheeraz Mehmood, Sheikh Waqas Akram, Sardar Bahadur Khan Seehar, Akram Maseeh and Sardar Talib Nikai will take oath as ministers of state.

Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar, Raja Basharat, Ahmed Yar Haraj and Syed Qasim Shah will continue to be advisers to the prime minister.