SONY CEO will continue to work with consoles on a part-time basis.

Kaz Hirai , one of the most important figures for Sony’s Playstation console system in the past decade, announced his decision to reduce his role with the gaming system and the associated businesses according to recent statement by the technology giants.

Hirai was promoted during the first months of 2012 to the post of CEO of the corporation to lead the firm’s economic recovery after the publication of their latest annual results showed the company in red.

Now, Hirai will be part of Sony Computer Entertainment commission on a part time basis. Although no detailed reasons for the movement were provided, it seems the decision has been made for the Japanese innovator to give his time to other divisions of the company.

Hirai’s strategy to strengthen SONY puts greater importance on the Playstation business, which has served in recent years as their major revenue earner. His role in the launch of PS3 was crucial and has been lauded by critics in the technology circles.