The actor-turned-director Pooja Bhatt is pretty upset with the Censor Board in the country because it has given an A-certificate to the song promo of her much-anticipated upcoming film ‘Jism 2’, which features the Indo-Canadian porn star Sunny Leone as a mainstream Bollywood actress.

The Censor Board wants Bhatt to chop the promo for the television audiences but the director has refused to do so and has decided to launch the uncensored song promo on the internet.

“I will not pare my promos down to fit the Censor board’s paranoia post The Dirty Picture. Will release what cannot be adulterated on the Internet and only release the promos of those songs on TV that are traditional and sanitized-albeit extremely melodious,” Pooja told

She said, “The promo of the Jism 2 theme song that was due to go on air on June 29th will now be released on the Internet on the same day in its uncensored form.”

Bhatt was quite angry with the Censor Board as she feels the board’s approach towards the television promos is not right.

She said, “They need to give us clear directives. One sees all sorts of double entendre etc dished out to us under the guise of ‘family entertainers’ while any iota of sensuality aimed at the thinking, passionate, adult Indian seems to make most uncomfortable. It seems like we only accept sex if it is portrayed in a vulgar manner so that we can ‘laugh’ it off. Anything real makes us uncomfortable! Why I wonder? Because it reveals ‘us’ to ourselves?”

Well, all said and done, Pooja Bhatt should not have problems with the Censor Board because when the promo of Vidya Balan’s ‘Dirty Picture’ was stopped, she said she wants an 11pm slot for ‘Jism 2’. She said it because she knew her film’s promo will be objected for sure.

Nevertheless, let’s see if the Censor Board responds to Bhatt or not.

‘Jism 2’ will be released on August 3 and Randeep Hooda and Arunoday Singh will play roles opposite to Leone in the movie.