A convoy of thirty armoured vehicles left the Turkish coastal city of Iskenderun in the province of Hatay and headed towards the Syrian border. These vehicles will be deployed along the border

According to an official news agency based in Anatolia, several armoured vehicles are en route to military facilities in Sanliurfa near the Syrian border. According to Anatolia, these vehicles will be deployed along the border.

UN’s international mediator, Kofi Annan has proposed the establishment of a transitional government in Syria in order to find a political solution to a conflict that gained strength this Wednesday following a bloody attack on a television official near Damascus.
The attack was the first of its kind since the Syrian conflict began.

The idea of this coalition government, which would include supporters of the current regime and the opposition is part of the guidelines and principles of a transition in Syria.

However, this proposal has not been warmly received by Russians. Moscow says that it will not support the imposition of this solution.

Russian foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov has urged the international community not to prejudge the outcome of dialogue as he believes that the fate of Assad should be decided by the Syrian people.

For its part, the opposition has said that it will reject the transition plan policy proposed by Annan if he does not see power taken away from President Assad.

“The proposal is too vague for us but I can tell you that if it does not clearly stipulate that Assad must resign, it will be unacceptable to us,” said Samir Nashar, executive member of Syrian national Council.

For its part, US Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, who’s visiting Helsinki, said that she has been “closely consulting with Kofi Anna” about his proposal. She said to have sent to Mr. Annan, “her support for the plan” which she calls a “very concrete roadmap
for political transition.”

As the conflict continues to gain in intensity, causing countless deaths over the past two weeks, the situation looks more and more leading up to civil war with the proliferation of sectarian violence a possible outcome.