Pakistan’s special representative to the United Nations (UN), Abdullah Hussain Haroon condemned the cross-border strikes, saying his country’s reaction over beheading of its soldiers in the recent incident should not be taken for granted.

Hussain Haroon while speaking to the Security Council debate on Afghanistan urged the authorities to must dissuade safe heavens in the other side of border.

He questioned how militants managed to carry out cross border attack despite huge presence of Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) in the area.

He noted, “It is a grave incident, which unfortunately is not unprecedented. Our response to such attacks is always through official channels. Unlike others, we neither play the blame-game nor conduct diplomacy through media”.

He was of the opinion that Islamabad’s narrative on Afghan security issues was pure by polemics and provocations through actions on ground, adding that the current policy must be transparent.

He asserted, “Sustainability of the process can only be ensured if all stake holders not only believe themselves but also share the goal of reconciliation. The idea of reconciliation under coercion militates against the obvious lesson of Afghan history”.

In his view, the willingness of the Afghan leadership on all such matters is prerequisite for the resolve.

Hussain Haroon expressed firm commitment of Pakistan towards Afghan-lead reconciliation process, saying a peaceful Afghanistan is in their interests. He added that Pakistan is stilling hosting the largest population of Afghan refugees despite the best effort the international community.

He argued that they were sharing humanitarian burden on Afghanistan at important economic, social and security cost despite lack acknowledgement and unjustified exaggeration.

Giving great significance to the outcome of the International Conference for Afghan Refugees, he urged the international community to underpin the solution strategy agreed during the conference.

Hussain Haroon further continued that they look forward to fruition of the commitment, urging the international community to must stand for the cause.

He was of the opinion that it would be unfortunate by not admitting the policy statement by NATO with regard to avoiding civilian casualties by air strikes, hoping that others would also follow the same rule.