Amir Khan is being pronounced far and wide by renowned names in the sport of boxing as the winner of the upcoming epic clash between two titans of the light welterweight division. Whatever the outcome of the bout is, one thing is for sure Khan is supported and praised by almost all for his pugilism, talent, capabilities, abilities and above all determination.

Khan will try to overcome yet another obstacle in his career, Danny Garcia, the current WBC light welterweight champion. The bout is being dubbed genuinely as a classic one and will be remembered by the boxing fans for a pretty long time.

Brandon Krause is one of many protagonists who have praised Khan for being an outstanding belligerent. Krause, one of the best trainers in Outlaw Boxing Clubs’ squad, in a recent media interaction, clearly remarked that Khan will be the one who will come out of the ring as the victor and Garcia will succumb to Khan’s superior brawling abilities.

Krause’s statement is being denoted by the masses as a pretty significant one since Brandon has proved his view point with facts and in-depth analysis of the duo’s abilities and pugilism. Brandon said that Khan is a quality pugilist who has pinned several high-profile names in the division.

The trainer further added that there must be some crystal clear reason why Khan resides at ESPN’s third divisional rank, adding that Amir has achieved much in his career and his prior bout experiences will play a pivotal role during the bout against Garcia.

It must be reminded that the bout not only has Danny’s WBC light welterweight title on the line but also has the WBA super world light welterweight gold up for grabs as well, the title which the Bolton proud lost to Lamont Peterson in 2011.

It is this reason, why the importance of the bout has increased manifold for the two pugilists. Brandon while analysing Khan stated, “You know what you’re going to get with Amir Khan. You’re going to get lateral movements, flurries, quick punches, he has the ability to throw good body shots, he can get you with straight shots as well but he is predictable.”

In view of the opinion put forth by Brandon, it is quite evident that apart from one or two disadvantages, Khan has a clear upper hand over Danny. Krause’s trust and confidence in the 25-year-old itself is proof of the fact that Amir has what it takes to gift the undefeated Danny his career’s first loss.

Brandon went a step ahead and recalled Lamont Peterson’s remarks regarding Khan. Krause said that Peterson mentioned this fact that Khan just has one deficiency he repeats the same thing again and again. Krause was of the view that if Khan overcomes this drawback and brings in his style bit diversity and unpredictability, a win over Danny is inevitable.

The renowned boxing trainer who has sparred with a number of high-profile pugilists further added that Khan will win the bout via unanimous decision as he has the charisma and all other stuff requisite to win the 12-round title clash.

Let’s hope that Brandon’s analysis proves to be true since Danny in a recent media interaction has vowed that if Khan thinks he is the best he should beat the best that is him. Until then Khan is just another pugilist who is just obstructing his way.

Amir and Danny will meet at the Mandalay Bay Resorts & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States on July 14, 2012.

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