Both Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy SIII embrace the same technologies, albeit the processors. However, there are differences in software in stark contrast. Galaxy Nexus is a pure Android breed with not user interface from Samsung, whereas the SIII has the Korean company’s TouchWiz UI that is a topping on an already well-baked cake.

Despite the fact the Nexus does not have feature like S-Voice, Smart Stay and so on and so forth, it has its own goodies like the full hoard of Google apps. Moreover, Nexus being the brainchild of Google, will receive the Jelly Beam update in the couple of weeks.

Jelly Bean is a story of its own. Released at Google’s annual developers’ conference, Google I/O, the new operating system brings a number of new features. Although it is not a major revamp over Ice Cream Sandwich like Gingerbread was on Froyo, but in-built features like Google Now are some astonishing releases.

Google Now competes neck-and-neck with Samsung’s S-Voice and Apple’s Siri, only it is much more efficient and intelligent. The company has taken AI (artificial intelligence) in the new OS to dazzling heights, so much so it sounds like a Sci-Fi movie scene.

The voice recognition system has a learning algorithm that lets it comb through the user’s way of living, the way he uses browser, his appointments and destinations. For instance, based on the regular visits to a specific destination, Google Now automatically informs the user to go to the particular place at that time, even if there are no appointments set in the reminders.

Moreover, the company has done a great job with Google Play. In addition to mobile applications, it now houses movies, TV shows and songs.

Galaxy SIII, on the other side of fence, is a complete package of high-tech wizardry from Samsung. It has everything from camera to processor to NFC fetched from the top-level manufacturers rated at the high-end of scale.